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If I may start by venting my spleen. The chief frustration in counseling* is being ignored. You listen, ask all the relevant questions, and then apply scripture to the situation as the basis for your counsel. And nine times out of ten, you know the person sitting there has just wasted both your time. They came to you not for insight or advice, but for a rubber stamp on the stupid thing they want to do. Or in the hope that you would give justification for their new “Trauma,” as Screwtape would say, “Beelzebub, what a useful word!” And when you don’t do that, they try and weasel around it, and then just lie, saying they listened.

Actually the biggest frustration is knowing you will be repeating this process ad infinitum


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The Stories He Tells Himself

Lets just jump in and admit that there was already very little chance that I was going to be a fan of Christianity Today’s new podcast The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill. Four episodes in and I think I can put my finger on the major problems.

The Proprietors

C. M. Haire, General Editor has been working in ministry proper for over 20 years. If you push him he’ll tell you since age 13 and is now 35 so you can do the math. He currently serves as a children’s minister in Memphis, TN. Which is Adrian Rogers country where it is still understood that you can’t be a Calvinist, or a smoker and be in ministry. To add that he also enjoys a regular dram would put his job and salvation into question. Nonetheless he is pleased to edit and contribute here.

T. L. Sterly is, she writes, she enjoys being mean to the general editor. Her name is withheld for no good reason but out of a deep devotion to Lemony Snickett. Also she is married and has one very fat cat. She is writing here under duress.


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