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So Long Roe

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Editors Note: Having passed along to me some kind of disease my good friend D.W. Syme has made a contribution to this blog which I am delighted to publish.

It is possible that one of the greatest blows for justice since the civil rights era is about to be struck. We know this thanks to someone who leaked Justice Samuel Alito’s majority opinion representing a vote which would undo the legal precedent set by Roe v. Wade and return the power to regulate abortions back to the states. Yet, many from the crowd of what we may call “Micah 6:8 Christians” seem to have suddenly lost their zeal to do justice. They posted black squares to protest police violence. Many of them marched, others placed BLM signs in their windows and yards. They insisted that Christians must loudly affirm that black lives matter, and in that specific language, regardless of how one felt about the official organization. But today, with the lives of the unborn at stake, the best they can offer is hand wringing over how this will affect victims rape and incest…


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Your World as I See it: Surplus to Requirement

Sunday I was assigned to click through the slides on Pro-Presenter for our church service. And when I arrived there was no computer. The graphics card had given up the ghost, as a result the media team leader was scrambling to get his laptop to work with the projectors. One for the front and one in the back. The front one was working but the music guy was in a near panic because we could not get the back one working. What I had long suspected, turned out to be true. Neither he nor the praise team knew the words to any of the songs he had chosen. Several thoughts occurred to me…

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C. M. Haire, has been working in ministry proper for over 20 years. If you push him he’ll tell you since age 13 and is now 35 so you can do the math. He currently serves as a children’s minister in Memphis, TN. Which is Adrian Rogers country where it is still understood that you can’t be a Calvinist, or a smoker and be in ministry. To add that he also enjoys a regular dram would put his job and salvation into question. Nonetheless he is pleased to edit and contribute here.


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