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Dat was Da Wabbit!

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Allow me to illustrate our current Evangelical moment though the metaphor of Elmer Fudd. Either side of the conservative or progressive debate is much like the titular character in his Viking garb from What’s Opera Dock. Furiously hunting the rabbit yet completely failing to recognize him every time he is directly in front of them while stabbing about furiously with a spear. So if you are conservative your target is the libs, and if you can just kill da wabbit then everything will be grand.


Short Works Occasionally Posted

Men’s Prayer Breakfasts

As a young lad I would occasionally be drug out of bed early on a Saturday morning and carted off to a Men’s Prayer Breakfast. And while they had a set of their own cliche’s I have a very fond place in my heart for them. A typical one would be set in a church basement fellowship hall. There would be about five or seven men in the kitchen rearranging all of the meticulously labeled (with masking tape and sharpie) cabinets and drawers for utensils that were not where they logically should be as part of the preparation of the breakfast. The meal usually consisted of bacon, scrambled eggs, biscuits, and sausage.

The Proprietor

C. M. Haire, has been working in ministry proper for over 20 years. If you push him he’ll tell you since age 13 and is now 35 so you can do the math. He currently serves as a children’s minister in Memphis, TN. Which is Adrian Rogers country where it is still understood that you can’t be a Calvinist, or a smoker and be in ministry. To add that he also enjoys a regular dram would put his job and salvation into question. Nonetheless he is pleased to edit and contribute here.


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