The Good Things were Predestined Too

The other evening my friend Hudson joined me on the front porch. We had a couple of cigars (each), Lagavulin 16, we tried a particularly awful coffee bourbon that will remain nameless, and listened to a lecture by N.D. Wilson on Chestertonain Calvinism. We conversed and laughed. It is one of the nights that I will remember for a long time. It was more than a good night, it was particularly holy. In Ecclesiastes Solomon teaches that life can be incredibly hard. But God has generously granted a salve, good friends, good food, and good drink.

Quiet Courage of Faithfulness

“I am tired of people leaving the church because they got butt-hurt.” It is a little bit more crude than I would phrase it but it nicely sums up the general point. My friend and I were talking about a young seminarian had left the church because the pastor would not let him run things.Continue reading “Quiet Courage of Faithfulness”

Maybe Give Martha a Break

A hot topic, as of late, has been hospitality. Specifically that Christians should be hospitable and how they should do so. While I absolutely agree that hospitality is a command* and is one of the most effective ways to demonstrate and share the Gospel, I fear that there is a trend of watering down ourContinue reading “Maybe Give Martha a Break”