Bill Watterson is said to have begun drawing every Calvin and Hobbes comic by just staring at a blank sheet of paper. For however long it took. I admire that discipline. Unfortunately I don’t have the kind of time he had, being otherwise employed and this blog not making any money. But I do spend a lot of time staring at a blank sheet. I had dreams of the muse being with me. More often than not it fights me. Writing is a discipline. It takes work. Granted this is work I enjoy. And this blog is really more for me than anything. It’s a place to organize thoughts and put to words ideas that are a little more than nebulous. But to make those things coherent is what I am working toward. It is a skill, a discipline, I hope to develop. 

Maybe it will take off, more than likely not. T.S. keeps telling me that I need to do more social media blitzing and I should monetize. I’ll be surprised if the day will come when there are enough readers to even think this little engine could turn a profit. For now everything, especially my thoughts are unvarnished. Or more like a cheap scotch, pulled fresh from the cask, after maybe a year.

But this is also a place where ideas come to die. I have pages and pages of half started ideas. Ones that didn’t meet the arbitrary word count I have set. For one reason or another. Maybe they just didn’t have enough gas to keep going. Sometimes they are just an idea I was floating, or a question I was kicking around, without any real application or resolution. Kind of like the books of Donald Miller, but in two paragraph from. I might revisit these ideas some day. But for now they are in larval form. 

It is in this spirit that I have decided to take some of these and post them on Fridays. This is going to be sporadic at best. If I had to guess there will be times when I throw something up every week, and others where it will be something of a dry spell. The aim will be to try and throw out an idea in around 500 words. It is written spitballing. Hopefully T.S. will join in. If something thrown at the wall sticks, grand. If not, no fear. Ideas may be revisited in longer form or they may just die here, in this new section of the blog now titled; Impromptus.

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