Snow Day Thinking

Over the past few days there has been an editorial back and forth in one of the local newspapers I enjoy. The topic was the recent week of snow that shut down the city. The first salvo was that snow days are a rare delight that should be cherished. The snapback was on the havoc snow reaps and the dull monotony it brings to adult life being snowed in. I must admit I am in the former camp. I have never lost my childlike wonder of snow. I love watching it fall, the idea of a snow day, the way it slows life down and enhances the feeling of tucking into an armchair armed with blankets, books, and bourbon. I do understand the adult concerns and headaches that come from a snow day, I have had to endure insane Memphis drivers with their absurdly large trucks and dangerous speeds, I am praying my frozen kitchen pipes thaw and are not cracked, and my wife is abut to drive me mad fretting over what our utility bill will be. 

Both sides have points, but what is most interesting to me is that this is, refreshingly, one of the few areas of modern life where a debate can be held and no screaming match ending with comparisons to Hitler ensues. Most people bemusedly read the editorials and are pleased with how their side comported themselves. If you are pro snow then you are charmed in your sense of camaraderie with the writer who you agree with. If you are against there is a sense of comradeship with your fellow curmudgeon. And despite where you land there is a general sense of bemusement toward the other. In other words it’s all a rather friendly war. The issue at hand is not one any persons say will change, It is just a matter of how do you respond to it. The approaches are different but the end result is the same; we are all still snowed in.

It makes me long for a sort of snow day on other issues. The facts are the facts and how we respond to them is what we are arguing about. The Scriptures say what they say how you apply it is what we are working out. The candidates are binary and neither are going to fit the ideal, a choice will have to be made on the lesser of two evils. A snow day approach, with a full hail fellows and well met is a attitude would be such an improvement. We are all so small and the issue at hand we are not really going to change or be changed by us. And screaming at a person is unlikely to change them. Instead say your piece, then tuck in with your armchair, blankets, books, and bourbon.*

*And cigar if your wife is kind enough to let you smoke indoors.

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