The Troglodyte Ventures Forth

Today brings no puttering around the TULIP garden, but some housekeeping with three brief announcements.

First, in an effort to drag myself further into the world wide web, the Instagram account associated with this blog is being relaunched. Originally it was run by my co-conspirator due to my deep hatred of those meddling kids over at Facebook. That didn’t work out. Now with as many of the tracing tentacles as I can find snipped I will be to be operating the account going forward. That is the destination for any who are interested in the smoking part of this endeavor. If seeing cigars and whiskey, against an increasingly (to you) familiar backdrop, is your thing; then that is the place to go. There is also a faint hope that perhaps some traffic may be directed back here, whereupon many will depart in a huff, but the elect will stick around. 

Find our Instagram @realsouthernreformedsmoker (I think that is right but I honestly have no clue yet how the whole thing works). I think it is something you can follow if you are so inclined.

Second, M’colleague is departing. T.S. was supposed to be a contributor and she is mentioned all over the UAQ’s page and has some sort of a bio on the Home Page. Eventually those will be changed so if you wish to see the bits and bobs she contributed now is your chance. And though she is responsible for forcing this blog into existence she has largely abandoned it since. We have agreed that she will fade into the ether, and I shall remain.

Finally, a while back an email for contact was added. I find it’s addition to be entirely superfluous due to the fact that over the course of this past year I have had all of fourteen comments and most are from the excellent chap over at Deep Calls to Deep (you should click over there for some very fascinating stuff). But the afore mentioned Instagram required an email address and it seemed to be proper form for a blog to be in possession of some sort of “contact us” link on the home page. 

That is all. This is something of a step for me since I hate venturing out of my Hobbit hole to join the adventure of learning new technologies. How far it goes I do not know, but (I suppose) I must follow, if I can.

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