Did TGC Just Grow a Spine?!

A little noticed article flitted its way over to The Gospel Coalition. As far as I can make out it was not given placement on the big banner section at the top. I stumbled across it by pure Calvinism, and have been sharing it with friends left and right. It is posted below and then I naturally have a few thoughts to share.

This might be the… there is no better way to say this, ballsiest, thing they have published in recent memory. I am frankly stunned that they had the courage to put it up. Partly because with much of the milquetoast or progressive leaning conservative content they usually put up the whole front end, up to the twist reads exactly like much of what I have come to expect from them. Which is sad. I was a little disturbed, by the set up because it does so seamlessly fit into the trajectory they are on. The article, at first, just seemed like a further step out the orthodox door. Hopefully this signals a repentant turn back to the right direction. Perhaps, it slipped by because Betsy Childs Howard (the author) is an editor at TGC or was wildly misunderstood by her boss. But, oh my, it was almost as much an indictment of TGC as it is of abortionists. I give so many brownie points to them for publishing this in the first place, I just wish it had been front and center of the banner. I am so looking forward to more like this from Betsy Childs Howard.

It might not be perfect comedy, but it really is a damn good effort. Obviously Swift has many copycats and while imitation is the best form of flattery, imitation by necessity can never be as good as the original. I want to spend this bit nerding out about comedy, bear with me. One of the things is how good Betsy Childs Howard is at holding off until dropping the other foot. The amount of time and reasoning given to the premise of legalizing hit men to kill deadbeat husbands is just about perfect. Timing is crucial and this piece really hits the spot, and on the page which is not easy. As well Childs Howard excellently understands the rule of “buy the premise, buy the bit.” she commits, with a straight face to her premise. I toyed with should she have proof-texted some scripture, because this is TGC and ended up agreeing with her, that no, it needed none. First because scripture, as a whole, is clearly against the sin of murder any twisting of a text would have blown the gaff and come of as heavy handed. Second it is a more damning indictment of TGC’s current output in that a lack of scripture in an article would be so seamless. Perhaps the second was not on Childs Howard’s radar, but it stuck out to me like a sore thumb. 

Around the same time that this article came out Bari Weiss talked about abortion on her podcast Honestly. The premise is that neither side is willing to interact with the best arguments of the other. She devoted a generous amount of time for the pro murder/choice argument. And I was getting pretty frustrated because there was about fifteen minutes left on the episode. Then she admitted they had spent most of their time on the left side of the arguments, and needed to cover the best argument on the pro life side. The guest replied, “It’s a child, it is inarguably a human” and went on to basically admit this is why pro life will win. The left can not claim to be the party of “science” and keep pretending that child is just a clump of cells. They either have to concede that they are anti science or that abortion is murder. I bring this up to point out that we are living in a day where someone at TGC has developed a spine and a sharp sense of humor, at the same time people on the other side who are honest with themselves are also conceding the point. 

It would probably be an absurd immanentizing of the eschaton for me to start my postmill crowing. At the same time, the developments are there, as small as they seem. Snowballs do grow by rolling down snowy slopes. So two things I would suggest to Christians: 1. Pray hard as the American Supreme Court weighs two cases that could end abortion in America. The first case has been heard already and at that time the law in question had already saved 2149 babies lives, that number is still growing. The second case will be heard December 1, so pray. 2. Read Betsy Childs Howard’s article and share it like mad. If it gets enough traction perhaps we will see more good writing from TGC along these lines. I don’t need them to become the next Babylon Bee, but it would be nice to see that spine peaking out to grow some and support some other important issues in the Church today. 

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