Give this Man a Cigar

I probably interact with Samuel James too much (especially since he never interacts back because he has no idea who I am). But his post It’s too Loud in Here left me thinking,* this is a man in serious need of a good cigar; and possibly a scotch. 

James wrote a wonderful pice vicariously going through all of the noise in our lives and how they throw off our ability to have a quiet spirit, and more so how it derails our walk with God. And while a good bit of it made me think, “You know you can turn notification off on your phone.” The deeper issue was the pervasive noise of the world, over and above simple fear of missing out. 

For years James has railed agains the constant march of digital technology into our lives. He has mused over how these things are making us work. And he has done so from the position of someone who appreciates and loves the common grace of new and exciting technology. He is my no means a curmudgeon. I am never struck with the thought that he is someone who lacks self control. Rather, he is aware, and trying to figure out, in a rapidly shifting world what health and balance looks like. If you have hung around this blog any time you know I am far less insightful and more likely to draw a nice hard line, which I have done for myself and the Palpatine in me wants to draw for others. So instead, let me recommend, the common grace of a good maduro cigar with all devices left at the opposite end of the house.

One advantage of my house is that the internet does not read to the back deck. So when I need to write or read, that is where I go. The front porch is more fun for people and dog watching. But by in large a cigar is in the perfect space for needing some maintenance but you can still get though a page or two before you need to give it a puff. And in that internet-less space there is peace (that usually can only be found in she shower) to hear yourself think, or as a guy, not think. There is a virtue to not being active, rest is a gift from God. And a good cigar is just icing on the cake. A good scotch is merely a sign that he loves you and wants you to be happy. A salve for our digital wounds is out there, and I hope Samuel James finds and enjoys them one day.

*Granted his posts always leave me thinking, He didn’t call his Substack Insights out of hubris.

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