How Does This Keep Happening?

I am a fan of Life, Books, and Everything, a podcast that is mostly Kevin DeYoung’s. But was founded with Colin Hansen and Justin Taylor as co-hosts with DeYoung. I commend it to you. I think I have only heard one episode that I would consider to be dull. And while I listen for DeYoung I am often interested in what Hansen and Taylor have to say. They are clear thinkers, very educated, and theologically reformed. Hansen is editor-in-chief of the Gospel Coalition and Taylor is a Vice President and Editor at Crossway. Both come across as genuine men, who love their families, faithfully serve in their churches and are perfectly positioned to help grow and guide the reformed movement. Basically very smart, theologically correct guys, with a lot of influence. Which makes me wonder, where the hell is the broken link between these guys and the garbage that gets published under their purview!?

I am mostly thinking of The Gospel Coalition of which Hansen has total control, where as Taylor is one of many editors at Crossway (Which has to its credits published far less stinkers). But my question remains. Not a week goes by in which TGC publishes some article that has me audibly rolling my eyes. And daily produces the kind of emotional treacle that informs no one. But more than that there has been the increasing positioning of becoming the Evangelical “Cliffnotes” on any current event, authoritatively directing pastors to the “right” understanding. Which has led to deleterious consequences in our churches. See:

It has reached the point of painful obviousness. Over on youtube Gordon Sanchez has been parodying TGC tone and content for a couple of years now in his character as the Editor-in-Chief of The Social Gospel Coalition:

And yet, I keep thinking of listening to Colin Hansen on Life, Books, and Everything and am baffled. Is it that in print we say things that we would not say out loud? Are there other editors that push things through which are terrible but they know he won’t have time to read it, nor will he fire them? Does he have a forked tongue? I really want to know. Whichever way it is there is a problem, and apparently not enough noise has been made to get it sorted. 

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