I am not a very inspirational kind of person. I don’t like it when people try to inspire me or get me excited about things. I keep my expectations pretty low generally and therefore can walk around pleasantly surprised most of the time. I especially despise treacle like writing that is, to borrow the Christian radio tagline, positive and encouraging. I like my reading the way I like my whiskey, neat. 

That said, it is of some small interest to me to see the drift on this blog. I don’t like to attack specific people, but I do like to attack bad ideas. However, a constant stance of war is unhealthy. As Kevin DeYoung pointed out in a sermon years ago even soldiers in Iraq got excited and took a break when ice cream shipments arrived. I think I might need to work harder at writing optimistically more often. Not sure how that is going to work. There is always an endless piñata of stupid out there, and it is fun to whack at it. But there are also good things, funny things, edifying ideas. 

I think the current tone in these parts has become a bit bleak. And since there there currently are no other writers on this blog I suppose it is up to me to give it the old college try. So raise your glasses, Gentlemen, to optimism… I hope.

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