A Little House Keeping

With the new year comes the annual tidying up around the blog. And while there have been no major updates I will at least point to some minor changes. 

The Cigar list has a few new recommendations

The Whiskey list has grown as well

Also I think that drawing attention to the confusingly but accurately titled Un-Asked Questions page is always in order. I also updated my current reading list on that page as well.

The instagram is bubbling away I have almost as many “followers” there as I do here, which is gratifying that my writings are more popular with the bots than my repetitive cigar pictures (there are really only so many ways to take a picture of a stogie, and I am not creative to begin with). Between these two things and the law of clicks vs. actually read I calculate I am up to ten of you who are at least giving me the kindness of reading before rolling your eyes. 

I am open to suggestions on additions to the blog. I have considered a weekly round up like I see a few other guys doing, but due to the nature of my day job there may only be one link of something I thought was great (and it would probably be from the pretty small circles I swim in) and five articles I thought were dumb as dirt. I feel the lack of edification would be unhelpful in these trying times. So open to suggestions, Comments are open at the bottom.

Lastly, we are coming up on 200 articles so send up a little Huzzah for me when it happens, and light up a good stogie paired with a nice whiskey for yourself.

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