Radio Silence

This is a follow up to a short impromptu posted previously on Friday that discusses options before churches on how to respond to the Nashville Presbyterian school murders at the hands of a woman who believed she was a man.


And so it was that the murder of six members of the Body of Christ was ignored in favor of not offending the wolves and swine among the sheep. 

Say Something

Ironically the one vicar (of Satan) I did see address the issues was openly homosexual and tortured an analogy to try and present the transgender shooter as a Christ figure. I’ll say this at least he understood the implications of the thing. It effects his, demonic, side as much as it effects the righteous. And that is the problem, it would seem that, by in large, the leadership of the evangelical church just can not bring itself to pull its head out of the winsome sands even when a poacher is blasting away at the eggs in the nest with an AR-15. We are more upset at what kind of gun is being used than that our own are being killed.

There have been a few mumblings about it. But they have been perfunctory. Even Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra, who is usually on point, only gave a play by play of the sermon delivered the Sunday after at the church that ran the school. And the transgenderism was never mentioned. Compare her piece with the equivalent and beautiful one she composed after a plane carrying four (local to me) pastors crashed in Texas killing three. 

Kevin DeYoung did weigh in with his usual grace and truth. But, as usual, was largely ignored. Which seems to be happening more and more these days…

And of course the usual staunchly reformed types online did their level best to call on pastors to have take courage and call a spade a spade. All to no avail. If I can sum up. It is an embarrassment when the Papists at the Daily Wire have a better response to a murder in the Reformed Churches, simply because they said something, while our own can not bring themselves to say anything in our own churches.

Motivating Factors

To refer to my previous piece, it is to the shame of the broad Protestant coalition of churches, who could not contain themselves over their lamenting of George Floyd, or Donald Trumps elections, that they would ignore this grievous attack on our own. If pastors are going to address current events, which they should,* then they can not cherry pick according to their politics, or the politics of a vocal minority in the church or online. Not every current event needs to be addressed from the pulpit, there should be a high bar of consideration for what needs specific attention. Otherwise the church should be so well taught that by in large they are able to navigate their world with, what used to be called, a Christian Worldview. But we have allowed the bare to be set so low, that now the events are dictated to us what is and is not to be covered according to an elite class that does the pastors thinking for him. He lacks a Christian Worldview and has managed to successfully pass that ignorance on to his congregation. You can tell if your pastor is this way if he gets that glazed look in his eye when you bring a Scripture he was previously unaware of its application to bear on an issue he parroted a party line on. That is when you get mentally put in the group of cranks he smiles at and ignores. 

It is pretty impressive how the Gospel covers a multitude of sin. And by that I don’t mean a hot gospel that illumines what is sin and then burns it with prejudice. But a euphemistic gospel that coos and soothes and is used as a cover to hide sins under. It is used as new way to deflect criticism, much like the misuse of “touch not the Lords anointed.” in prosperity gospel circles. You can just say something is gospel centered and Lo the evil is now righteous. Cowardice is gospel centered into winsomeness. To tell the truth about a horrific murder and attack on the Church of Jesus Christ is gospeled away into oblivion because it might cause the wolves in the church to take offense and get upset by that harsh reality. So we please men under the guise of being gospel centered. We have even reached the point where that logic no longer needs to be explained. Satan loves to see it.


So this past Sunday (4-2-23) we heard radio silence. Radio silence from a ship or a plane means they are in distress and going down. I fear it means the same for a lot of our churches.

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  1. I have heard little from the pulpit here, a slight pause with a cursory mention of the tragedy by our pastor, and later by on of the deacons during the prayer. I wonder what it will take to wake the frozen chosen.


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