A Novel Idea

One of the sassy little feminist retorts about modesty is that they should not have to dress in a way that will keep guys from lust. Basically assuming that the problem is entirely a problem of men and women are oppressed by it. The base problem with this line of reasoning fails to understand how guilt before God works. Sure, he is 100% guilty of lust. She is 100% guilty of rebellion and lack of charity. But one of the side effects of modesty is that it does curb men’s behaviors. It’s not a silver bullet, God didn’t say modesty was a silver bullet, but obedience often comes with rewards. 

I bring this up due to a slew of tick tock videos and articles about young attractive women in New York that have discovered modesty. After getting fed up with being cat-called they found that if they covered up, even with just a long t-shirt, instead of walking around in their literal underwear it caused more men to ignore them. Shocker, when you take something off the menu a lot of people stop asking for it…

These videos are the kind where they show women how to, and I kid you not, put on a long coat or a sweat shirt. Unfortunately these items are discarded when they arrive at their destination, so the rebellion stays strong. But the practicality should be noted. It is almost as if God had an inkling of what He was doing when he gave the command. I’ll also go further and throw out the reminder that while yes modesty is commanded of all Christians, it is a sin that women struggle with more and are directly addressed in Scripture more frequently. It might be that God was onto something there. Because I am not seeing a bunch of guys complaining about being mobbed by women over their running shorts.

That’s it, I just gelt that by accidentally obeying God a group of women have inadvertently discovered that His commands were not as stupid as they sounded. Obedience, who knew, what a novel idea…

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