Recommended Cigars

This list is in no particular order. And is in no way comprehensive. I shouted it at Siri while smoking and trying Jameson Cold Brew. If your favorite is not on here email me, for an address and send send me one and I’ll try it, if I like it, I’ll add it.

Nicer Sticks

  • Liga Privada T52 – Drew Estate (Or any other Liga Privada in all honesty)
  • Davidoff Churchill The Late Hour – Davidoff
  • Monte Cristo Club Select – Montecristo
  • Nica Puro Diamond Rough Cut – Alec Bradley (Discontinued)
  • Undercrown Maduro – Drew Estate
  • Montecristo Platinum – Montecristo
  • Herrera Esteli Norteno – Drew Estate
  • Leaf by Oscar Maduro
  • Eastern Standard Corretto – Caldwell
  • Punch Rothschild (This has the exact same band as the Punch Classico, which comes in gordo and toro. The Rothschild only comes as a robusto get many and you will never be disappointed)

Day Smokers

  • Punch Classico
  • Alcazar 3 Maduro
  • Nica Rustica – Drew Estate
  • Black Market Estili – Alec Bradley
  • New World – A.J. Fernandez
  • Brick House – J.C. Newman (I prefer the maduro)

Flavored for when the will is strong but the flesh is weak

  • Tabak Negra- Drew Estates
  • Havanna Honey (Honey)
  • Macundo Bourbon

I admit this list is a bit Drew and Alec heavy, you have no idea how much I am holding back…

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