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A Comment!

I get so few comments on posts that when one crops up it’s something of a big deal. It’s an even bigger deal when the comment is good and advances the thinking. Such is the case after Friday’s post, where I took to my old hobby horse of modern worship music and music ministers inContinue reading “A Comment!”

Mark Driscoll 2.0?

Introduction And so it was that Jordan Peterson said the thing that the reformed movement was trying to avoid, and lo, they pretty much pretended he was a right wing nut job. And it might be much to their peril. Three things have come together times rather closely together and Peterson was the emulsifier forContinue reading “Mark Driscoll 2.0?”

Fencing the Hammer

Introduction It should be known that the Pharisees in the days of Christ were known for “fencing” the written law of God, or creating the “oral” law. The idea being if we don’t want to come close to breaking the law of God new very specific laws must be created around the written law. ThenContinue reading “Fencing the Hammer”

Writers Block Grab Bag

Introduction One would think that after being trapped in nature for two solid weeks there would be much to talk about. Instead, I’ve really got nothing, but the commitment to try and post every Tuesday and Friday. As a result I am going to mention three things that piqued my interest over the weekend theContinue reading “Writers Block Grab Bag”

Masks and Modesty

Introduction There is a certain kind of woman that has made my upcoming conclusion like unto shooting fish in a barrel. She professes Christ, dresses in a such a provocative manner that might get him to tell her, “Get behind me Satan.” and is N-95 masked up to the nines out of love for herContinue reading “Masks and Modesty”

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