For Your Consideration

This week, in what is sure to a a calm, pleasant, orderly, and grace filled time the Southern Baptist Convention will, convene. One of the issues that is not divisive in the least is Rick Warren, Saddleback Church, and lady pastors. Last convention all three were shown the door, and people were not happy aboutContinue reading “For Your Consideration”

Missed Opportunity

Well the dream was fun while it lasted. It did seem for a little while there we had a real possibility that there would be some sort of Young Restless and Reformed 2.0 on the horizon. Alas the chances of that happening now are looking like slim to none and and Slim just left town. Continue reading “Missed Opportunity”

The Fellowship Book is Broken

Introduction Well I finally got around to it, and it was a slog. That is probably an unfair start to a book review, but I intend to keep this brief since I have very little nice to say. And my mother did try her best to drill into my head, “if you can’t say somethingContinue reading “The Fellowship Book is Broken”