Unasked Questions

Why does this blog exist?

CH: I wanted a place to practice my writing and try to put my thoughts down in a clear way. I want to work on theological writing and some humour. The whole thing is work in progress. Ideas are not always fully formed or I can have blind spots but my hope is to work those out so that I have put down coherent ideas with obvious application.

TS: I agreed to this in a moment of wild abandon. It won’t happen again.

Is there a main theme to this blog?

CH: Attempting to work out theological ideas with practical application. My goal is to encourage and exhort Christians to grow in sanctification in areas that are sometimes neglected due to their background noise status. Things that we are supposed to grow in, like charity, but somehow they get pushed to the side because other issues are currently more popular or feel more pressing. I actively want to avoid hot takes or anything that even remotely resembles discernment blogging. I don’t plan to comment on any current issue with any regularity. I am not saying never, something may come up and I might write on it, but it will definitely be abnormal.

TS. I plan to exclusively write nothing but opinion pieces, hot takes and discernment blogging. That Piper guy is going down. Simply put, I will disagree with everything CH says just because I can.

Smoking is in the title, can we expect anything related to that?

CH: most of that will just be links from an instagram account in the future that will just be of cigars and Whiskeys.

TS: I have had an instagram account for years now as I am not a knuckle dragging technological troglodyte like some people. There is much smoking going on there. And food, I love food.

What Cigars are your favorites?

CH: Drew Estate Undercrown is near the top. But anything from Drew Estate I love. The Nica Puro Diamond Rough Cut is another favourite. But for a day smoker Punch Classico, Alcazar 3 Maduro, New World By A.J. Fernandez. Nica Rustica.

TS: Nica Rustica and Tabak are on the top of the list. But really anything from Drew Estate is gold from God.

It’s not as if your identities are totally hidden but why no full names?

CH: As I wrote in the proprietors section, I live in the Bible Belt, some would say the buckle. And I work in ministry and there are still a lot of people who staunchly believe that smoking and drinking are sins period. And would genuinely call into question my salvation if not my ability to do my job. Also Calvinist can still be a dirty word in my job so I am trying to keep something of a low profile. As counter intuitive as that sounds.

TS: I followed the theme because it seemed more mysterious. My character is in question as it is, so it doesn’t bother me that much.

So you people are Calvinist’s then?

CH: The name of the blog should have given that one away. But for my answer I will quote Mattie Ross from True Grit:

“I confess it is a hard doctrine, running contrary to our earthly ideas of fair play, but I can see no way around it. Read I Corinthians 6:13 and II Timothy 1:9, 10. Also I Peter 1:2, 19, 20 and Romans 11:17. There you have it It was good enough for Paul and Silas and it’s good enough for me. It’s good enough for you too.”

TS: Not really. But it’s not like I have a choice in the matter.

If you write you obviously have to read, what are you currently reading?

CH: God Mocks – Terry Lindvall, Bed and Board – R.F. Capon, Among God’s Giants – J.I. Packer, The Puritans Their Origins and Successors – Martyn Lloyd Jones, Most of The Most of S.J. Perelman – Ed. Steve Martin, Prohibition and Christianity – John Erskine. I am also perpetually re-listening to Screwtape Letters – C.S. Lewis.

TS: Confessions of a Food Catholic by Douglas Wilson. I look forward to disagreeing with it.

This blog has been up for a while now and all we have heard from is C.H. is T.S. ever going to write anything?

CH: I mean she occasionally checks in and adds some commas to my articles so in a way she has maybe, kind of, sort of, written something?

TS: None of your damn business. I am. I will write when it pleases me.

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